Posted by: Sara | March 28, 2008

A quick note from the management…

Hello all! Oh my god, you guys, I can barely describe how overjoyed I am that this site is 1. so popular already and 2. getting submissions up the wazzoo. Seriously, everyone sending in LOLs, you all MAKE MY LIFE.

However, I don’t know how many LOLs I’m gonna get this weekend. I mean, I have a life and so do you guys! So if you don’t see your submissions up on the blog yet, do not fear! I am screening nothing, rejecting nothing… I’m just trying to space everything out so that you guys get a bunch of new LOLs every day.

Please tell your Lost-loving friends about this site, and encourage them to submit LOLs! LOLLost for all!!

Thank you,

The Management



  1. You deserved it. 🙂

  2. I stumbled this site and it made my day. I submitted a pic and my friends and I are hard at work thinking of more to send your way… something to do until my beloved LOST comes back to television!

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