This webpage is dedicated to LOLLost. Like LOLCats, LOLModels, LOLhan, and all the other ridiculout LOL genres out there (LOLPresidents, LOLPhilosophers, oh my the list goes on an on…) we specialize in normal pictures with hilarious, misspelled and badly grammared captions. Only these are all about LOST. As in the television show.

This site is full of spoilers, and if you’re not caught up you best be careful.

 It was started because of this post on a website called Jezebel.

If you would like to submit a LOLLost, please click here



  1. i can haz copycats?


    we started this back in May 2007 and it lost steam following a heated controversy on lostpedia
    over whether or not we were irrelevant. you should link to us, as, so far as we know, we were the first lol*lost-ers!

  2. Don’t you think that it’s a little mean to call us copycats? I’ve never heard of your bog, and didn’t know lollost had ever been done before, so when I started this I thought it was original. So, y’know, if you had asked nicely I might have linked to you, but as it stands your link is here on my “about” page and I feel a little offended, so that should be fine.

  3. sorry, wasnt meant to be mean at all, just a lol related joke. you can delete my comment if you want, doesnt much matter to me.

    keep up teh funnies!

  4. I added this site to StumbleUpon… you should get Stumble/Digg buttons to make this page easier to share, so more ppl can find it!

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