Submission Guidelines

Well, shit! The LOLLost submissions are rolling in and I couldn’t be happier. For everyone’s sake, here are some submissions guidelines that will help you and me get lots of LOLs onto these pages.


As you might see to your right, there is a link on this blog to the Lost Media Photo Galleries. I encourage you to get your pictures from them. However, you may notice that in the bottom left hand corner of those pictures is a small tag that says “Capped by Lost-Media” or something like that. Please leave that tag intact. That is their way of making their photos available to the public without losing credit for their work. I would never want their credit to get cut out of our LOLs! If they send me any letters about wanting us to stop, I will post them here.


I use a template provided by WordPress for this blog, and I have no fricken clue how to change the parameters of the middle column, where your submissions appear (note: if anyone knows… good god, drop me a line! You can use the submissions link). Because of that, if you want your picture to appear whole on this site, it needs to be about 475 pixels wide or less (height matter less). MS Paint has a resizing option (under “Image”), so you should always be able to check your size. If you are using the I Can Has Cheezburger generator, things seem to be coming out fine.


Try to check the site before you submit, so you know you’re not repeating a caption. Some things are going to be more repetative than others because of the nature of Lost. Don’t worry about using inside show jokes, or references that may be harder for the general public to understand. Likewise, feel free to treat these screencaps like anything you’d find on I Can Has Cheezburger, and be as random as possible. Just have fun!



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