How to Build a LOLLost

Hello again, peoples! We figured it would be helpful to give you guys direct links and/or directions as to how to create your very own LOLLost, so you can send it to us, and we can put it up on the blog, and everyone can laugh a lot, and then everyone’s happy! LOLLost: Solving American Disharmony, One LOL at a Time.

First of all, THIS is a link to the LOL Builder. Just to be more helpful, here are some more links to it. They are lovely lovely people who allow anyone to upload and caption any picture — you don’t even have to save it to their database! Just upload it, add your caption to your liking, and then right-click and “Save Picture As.” Save it, attach it to an email and send it to us!

If you want to build one by yourself, you can easily do so in MS Paint. Here is how:

1. Open MS Paint.

2. Open the picture (which you have already found and saved) in MS Paint.

3. Check the sizing. If the picture looks bigger than our middle posting column, go to Image and then to Stretch/Skew. When you open this, you will see a set of ways to change your pictures by percentages. In the Horizontal and Vertical fields, enter something like 75 or 80 percent. That is usually small enough. You can eyeball this part.

4. Save your image.

5. On the left hand menu, click the big capital letter A. That is the text box function. Beneath the outline-shapes buttons on the menu, a couple of graphics will pop up. You will see, in a yellow square inside a grey square, a blue column, a pink circle and a green cube. In the first (top) graphic, the green cube will be ensconced in a white background. In the second (bottom) graphic, the green cube is shown on the backgrounds it overlaps (the yellow square and then the grey outside the yellow square). Click on the second, lower graphic. That will ensure your text box is clear, and that you can see the picture behind it.

6. Select your text color. Black against a light background and white against a dark background are recommended.

7. Draw your text box. To change fonts, go to the top program menu and click View. Select Text Toolbar to make it appear.

8. Add your caption(s), repeating step 7 as necessary.

9. Save your LOLLost.

10. Send it to us!

Many thanks, and happy LOLing!

— The Management.


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